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5 Quick Tips for Great Wedding Photos: Wedding Day Prep 1. Location, Location Beautiful light is an essential element for great pho...

5 Quick Tips for Great Wedding Photos: Wedding Day Prep

1. Location, Location
Beautiful light is an essential element for great photos. Pick an environment that has lots of natural light. If you’re getting ready in a hotel room, big windows, white walls, a white ceiling, and lots of space are ideal. Avoid rooms with busy patterns on the furniture or walls, little/no natural light, or rooms that are a tight squeeze for your group. (And this goes for the guys too because they also deserve pretty pictures and elbow room.) But if a big white room doesn’t fit your aesthetic, or if you’re getting ready at home, then all the details and decorations in the room should be meaningful to you and should be things you’ll be happy to see in your photos later. Childhood pictures and decorations you grew up with add great atmosphere. A giant pile of laundry in the corner…maybe not the atmosphere you’re going for Affordable Wedding Photography

2. Timing
This is really a matter of personal preference, but if you’re not excited about being photographed with morning hair and no makeup, I suggest starting photography coverage after the makeup artists & hair stylists have started doing their thing. This doesn’t mean all grooming should be done before photography starts though — photos of guys shaving are great, and I love shooting the finishing touches on hair & makeup city hall  wedding photographer

3. Less Mess
While I wouldn’t expect anyone to go on a cleaning frenzy the morning of their wedding, your whole environment will probably be photographed. (Yes, even the bathroom if that’s where you happen to check your hair, or, I dunno, floss your teeth. I might photograph that. You never know.) Consider enlisting the help of your attendants for a few minutes before the photographer arrives to just do some quick picking up, make the bed, and stash away anything that’s not being used. Or to hide anything of a…personal nature…that you might not want photographed gay  wedding photographer nyc

4. Details I want to take photos of what’s important to you, rather than checking off boxes on a generic list from The Knot, so if there are details & acessories you know you want photographed, try to place them aside all together so I don’t miss them. Personally, I like to get some “still life” photos of the dress and shoes, and then other photojournalistic shots that feature your accessories as you’re putting them on last minute wedding photographer nyc

5. Dress the Part
I remember once starting preparation photos of all the action around me in the bridal suite, and the mother of the bride remarked, “Oh, I didn’t think I’d be having my picture taken yet!” I take a documentary approach to photography, so when I arrive I’ll photograph everything and everyone in the room. If the florist drops in, he’ll get his picture taken. The makeup artists buzzing around you? Yep, photographed. Everyone who’s in the room helping you get ready or just sitting and keeping you company should be looking the way they want to be remembered in your wedding photos years from now. Typically, this means that people who will be wearing dresses should have their dresses on, and people wearing suits should have their pants & shirts on, but other accessories can wait so I can get those great action-shot candids same sex wedding photographer

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